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We do IT right.

Holleb Consulting is a premier management IT consulting and services firm and a leading provider of end-to-end technology integration services.

Our experience with breakthrough technology, strategy development, project management, and process improvement creates a solid foundation for providing exceptional solutions.

Our unique combination of business and technical acumen enables us to help our clients meet such business objectives as increased profitability, improved productivity, reduced labor costs, and higher-quality customer service.

Our Services

Our services encompass all of the information technology functions and skills provided by IT departments of large businesses. Thus, our clients gain the benefits of a full time IT department when they need it.

Our Services

Infrastructure Services

Failure not accepted. Whether virtual, cloud, wired, or mobile, we design, build, and support your infrastructure.

Managed IT Services

Keep your infrastructure humming. 24/7 monitoring, response, remediation, maintenance and support.

Application Services

Do it your way. Custom software when it matters. Superior design, experienced developers for all platforms.


Do it right! Strategy and planning, process improvement, best practices and project management.

Implementation Services

When our consulting ends, our implementation services begin. We will manage, plan, build and deploy.

IT Audit and Controls

Don't risk it! Mitigate it through best practices! General and specialized audits and remediation.



“HCI offers monitoring and response services superior to all other managed services I have worked with, including services at some of the largest telecommunications and insurance companies in the world. Typically, HCI will notify us of events on the network before they affect us and often the issues are resolved as quickly as we receive notification. Their track record for issue resolution and root cause analysis is excellent and routine maintenance is thorough and timely. HCI regularly and proactively provides recommendations to reduce risk and improve reliability and security for our infrastructure.”

JIm Marks

IT Director, Magellan Corp


Ready to find out more?

We'd like to help.  Let's connect and determine if there is a fit.

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