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Why choose Holleb?

Holleb Consulting specializes in business consulting, infrastructure, application services, and network management. Our management and information technology specialists help companies achieve their critical business objectives through the practical application of technology.

Our Consultants provide the highest quality advice and technical support and will assist your organization by thoroughly assessing your IT infrastructure and recommending the best long-term approach given your unique resource requirements. We provide all of the personnel required to complete the project including:

  • Project managers to develop the detailed implementation plans, manage resources and deadlines, and provide communication to key stakeholders.

  • Business & systems analysts to assess processes, technology, risks, and ROI.

  • Technical resources to provide assistance with planning and implementing recommendations.

  • Technical and end user support staff to respond to your every need.


We are frequently asked what differentiates Holleb Consulting from other firms. Following are some of the distinguishing factors that sets us apart from others:

Experience and Expertise

Our consultants are senior level with many years of experience in their specific specialty. We know what we’re doing. We are able to hit the ground running; to identify opportunities quickly and to respond appropriately.



Holleb does not sell hardware or software and remains independent of any one vendor. This allows our recommendations to be unbiased and enables us to recommend the most appropriate solutions for your requirements.

Small firm fexibility

Because we are a small firm, we are able to react quickly. We can respond to clients needs without the bureaucracy that larger firms have. We can adapt our methodology and approach to fit our clients’ organizations and culture with little difficulty. This nimbleness results in quicker results and less fees.

Sharing our knowledge

Because we have extensive experience providing consulting and services to many companies, we bring our clients insights and recommendations regarding best practices for both IT and business management. We are familiar with the challenges our clients face and are in an excellent position to provide sound advice.

Serving clients is always our top priority

Working harder to provide outstanding service is our hallmark. We give each client the time, attention and service they expect and deserve.

Senior professional attention

Holleb Consulting's senior consultant's and managers are all hands-on professionals who are actively involved in their client engagements. They work to gain a solid understanding of their client’s systems, organization, goals and vision. They invest time and provide insights, recommendations and solutions.

Consistent experienced engagement teams

Our core team has worked together for over 20 years. This allows us to provide continuity for the long term.

Proactive contact

We are proactive with our clients. We call you and send you timely updates on significant issues. You can count on our professionals to take the initiative and follow through.

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