A Leap into Learning Kubernetes

So, it’s been awhile, right? I opened my big mouth and put it out there that I’d do a video series installing Kubernetes (K8s) and OpenFaaS on 3-Node Intel NUC cluster. Of course, I’ve never installed K8s and other than

Battling IT Burnout

In this important career focused episode, Keith and Mark talk with Eric Lee about IT burn out. Eric wrote a timely and very important blog post on IT Burnout. Eric helps workers identify symptoms of burnout and how to get help

The Sphere – Mission Accomplished w/Rebecca Fitzhugh

Rubrik Technical Marketing Engineer Rebecca Fitzhugh joins the Sphere. Rebecca shares her experience starting her career as a 17-year old in the military to running her consultancy and eventually joining Rubrik. Rebecca has a unique perspective as someone willing to

Running a Business as a Couple – John & Kat Troyer

John and Kat Troyer share their experience of running a business as both business partners and a married couple. In this raw conversation, Keith and Mark probe for input on topics ranging from money, stress, and trust. Thanks to John and

Quietly Judging with Amy Lewis – VirtualizedGeek Podcast

Welcome back to podcasting on the VirtualizedGeek. We’ve rebooted the channel to a career-focused podcast. In this first return episode, Amy Lewis of the Geek Whisperers joins the podcast to talk about her transformation from working in publishing to a director

Introduction to Serverless & Webinar

First off, there are servers in serverless computing. However, the construct of servers is a throwback to a time when the only way to develop distributed applications was to focus on the server as the base component of the infrastructure.

AWS S3 Encryption Options

I’ve been playing around with AWS security and as an output, I’ve gotten up to speed with their S3 encryption options. I thought I’d do a quick hit to share what I learned. AWS offers two high-level options for encryption

Understanding Ubuntu (BASH) on Windows 10

Microsoft has more than warmed up to Linux. The company which once was at war with open source has created a whole new subsystem to allow running Ubuntu’s Executable and Linkable Format (ELF). Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a detailed video

CTO Advisor 027 – VSAN 6.2 What you need to know

Wikibon has predicted that Server SAN will overtake traditional storage arrays. The latest version of VSAN 6.2 moves a step closer to displacing legacy storage arrays. I’m joined by VMware Principle Architect Rawlinson Rivera (@punchinglcloud). We hit some critical questions

My failed attempt at installing Azure Stack in vCloud Air

Failed labs are a cost of doing business in learning new stuff. Microsoft’s tech preview for Azure Stack created a new opportunity for my lab efforts. It’s rare when I have a lab that’s too big to run in either

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